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CREIA Warns That A Professional Home Inspection Is Needed Regardless Of Market Conditions

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September 2004 (Palm Springs, Calif) — The California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) cautions homebuyers and home sellers that a professional home inspection is needed regardless of favorable or unfavorable market conditions.

“It is a grave error to allow anyone to advise against an inspection, regardless of market circumstances,” says George Harper, Chairman of the California Real Estate Inspection Association, a professional association with over 1250 real estate inspectors. “Every home has unrevealed defects awaiting discovery by a qualified home inspector. These include mere functional problems, such as faulty plumbing or a defective roof or major safety issues inside the electric panel or within the furnace. Anyone who recommends against home inspections is not looking out for representing the best interests of the parties involved”.

A professional home inspection is wise regardless of the home’s age. For brand new homebuyers, as a final precaution, be sure to have the property evaluated prior to closing escrow. A qualified inspector will find additional defects that slip through the cracks of the construction and building inspection processes.

This important warning for a proper inspection also applies to home sellers. Home sellers are urged to utilize home inspections prior to listing their homes. By securing an inspection prior to placing a home on the market, a seller can combat any potential future argument that they were attempting to conceal the condition of the property.

It is imperative that a seller secures the services of a competent home inspector. A poor inspection can have a drastic consequence (it could be argued that a poor inspection was recommended for the sole purpose of hiding the true condition of the property). Make sure to hire an inspector who is trained and experienced in home inspection, maintains proper insurance, and is a member of a professional association such as CREIA.

This real estate bulletin has been brought to you by the California Real Estate Inspection Association. Since 1976, CREIA, a non-profit voluntary membership organization has been providing education, training, and support services to the real estate inspection industry and to the public. Inspectors must adhere to CREIA's Code of Ethics and follow the Standards of Practice developed by the association. These Standards of Practice have been recognized by the State of California, and are considered the source for Home Inspector Standard of Care by the real estate and legal communities.

CREIA requires its members to successfully pass a written test of property systems and complete 30 hours of education each year. Members can accumulate credits through various sources of education including monthly chapter meetings, conferences, and other approved activities. CREIA keeps records to ensure that members are complying with the requirements. Educational topics cover a variety of technical subjects including updates and advances that affect property inspection and the business of real estate inspection.

CREIA is dedicated to consumer protection and education. To locate a qualified CREIA inspector near you, call CREIA at (800) 388-8443, or visit the CREIA website at


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