How Home Inspectors Handle Appliance Safety & Recalls


How Home Inspectors Handle Appliance Safety & Recalls

October 2009 (Palm Springs, Calif) — This is the third in a five part series of home safety from home inspectors to home owners. As the premier home inspection association in state, California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) members are intimately familiar with safety hazards found every day during an inspection. Previously Fire Safety and Electrical Hazards, this month is Appliance Safety and Recalls, then will be followed by Pool Safety and finally Trip and Fall Hazards.

Every day, CREIA inspectors act as advocates for consumers. By continuing education and keeping up with construction changes, inspection professionals sit on the cutting edge of safety for the general public and their own customers (clients). What inspectors DO NOT DO is keep up with all the updates on product recalls that can change from day to day. An attempt to “keep current” with every safety issue and recall as it occurs would not allow inspectors to actually perform inspections!

Every consumer can act as their own advocate for appliance safety and recalls by visiting the Consumer Product Safety Commission website. That organization DOES keep up to date with any appliance safety issue and also tracks recalls from manufacturers. The following is a general appliance list that is detailed on the CPSC website:

General Appliances

CREIA advises everyone to “keep up to date” with safety and visit the CPSC site regularly and make sure to retain the services of a qualified, professional home inspector by using a Certified CREIA Inspector member to do a thorough, independent visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a home. Since 1976, CREIA, a non-profit voluntary membership organization has been providing education, training, and support services to the real estate inspection industry and to the public. Inspectors must adhere to CREIA's Code of Ethics and follow the Standards of Practice developed by the association. These Standards of Practice have been recognized by the State of California, and are considered the source for Home Inspector Standard of Care by the real estate and legal communities.

CREIA requires its members to successfully pass a comprehensive written examination of property systems and complete 30 hours of continuing education each year. Members can accumulate credits through various sources of education including monthly chapter meetings, conferences, and other approved activities. CREIA keeps records to ensure that members are complying with the requirements. Educational topics cover a variety of technical subjects including updates and advances affecting the profession of real estate inspection.

CREIA is dedicated to consumer protection and education. To locate a qualified CREIA inspector near you click here or call CREIA at (800) 388-8443.

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