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ask_creia_logoThe California Real Estate Inspection Announces "" Informational Website

February 23, 2009 (Palm Springs, Calif.) — The California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA), in its continuing efforts to provide incisive information to the public, has produced a new web- site: is designed to help consumers in understanding the complexities and protocols of the real estate inspection industry and its vital importance in protecting the consumers interests in the purchasing and selling of residential and commercial properties. provides a means to educate the public by allowing them to ask questions relating to the operation, function and maintenance of the various systems and components of both residential dwellings and commercial properties. A select group of seasoned and highly experienced CREIA inspectors (moderators) have volunteered to answer questions posed by real estate buyers and sellers, real estate sales professionals, real estate inspectors and, in fact, any member of the public who wishes to get a clear and unbiased answer to any questions they pose concerning the real estate inspection industry.

By reviewing the categories available on and selecting a previously asked question, anyone can get a correct answer for that question. If the specific questions has not already been asked, one can simply post a new question and return to to find the answer. The team of moderators will review the question, edit for grammar and content and provide an answer based on construction standards and within the scope of the CREIA Standards of Practice with most answers posted within 24 hours.

Since 1976 CREIA, a non-profit corporation has been providing education, training and support services to the real estate industry and to the public and through our new informational web-site we hope to expand consumer education in the buying and selling real property in California. CREIA has been dedicated to serving the public interest for the last 33 years through its continuing educational programs for its membership and the general public it serves.

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