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February 2009 Inspector eNews

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February 2009 Inspector eNews
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The CREIA Inspector eNewsThe CREIA Inspector eNewsThe CREIA Inspector eNews
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Chairman's Message — The Best Idea Ever!

It is not often that a new idea has the power to change how people see us as inspectors. CREIA now has a new idea approaching completion that has that kind of power. It is called and, once in place, promises to change how the real estate community views inspectors in general and CREIA inspectors in particular. Here’s how it will work.

Mark Your Calendars! Click here to             register NOW!When someone wants an answer to anything relating to the home and commercial inspection profession, that person goes to the CREIA homepage and clicks the link to The link will take him (or her) to a website that has, initially, 30 topics ranging from foundations to electrical, roofing to plumbing or heating to garage door openers; in fact all areas of construction will be addressed. So, if a buyer or seller needs to know how to install a water heater correctly, they would go to If a seller doesn’t understand what a weep screed is and why it should not be covered by soil, that seller would go to Also, if a REALTOR® wants to know why the inspector refused to turn on the gas at the meter on a REO property, that REALTOR can go to for the answer.

What makes this so impressive is the legwork that has been done on this ambitious project to this point. Since the initial idea discussion in late November, to now, volunteers from all different areas of CREIA have worked from initial concept to question and answer development, then to acquiring the web address and finally to selecting an independent webmaster to set up and run the site. More than 100 seeded questions will be in place when opens its website doors this month and all of those questions will be edited for content, spelling and, of course, correct answer content.

Chairman Michael Foschaar presenting the             plan on funding to begin and maintain has been donated from CREIA chapters up and down the State. Those individual chapter members, once the idea and concept was presented to them, saw the benefit to themselves but, more importantly, to every CREIA member. Part of the initial cost set-up is the artwork for the business cards that will be given to every CREIA member at membership renewal. Also, the artwork and format for members to print their own cards or to even print that information on the back of their own business cards will be available at no charge from the CREIA website.

The benefits to all CREIA members of this website, obviously starts with our members. By promoting and, in effect, advertising the website, CREIA members will be viewed as the “go-to source” for questions relating to inspections. Each member who refers the site is providing an additional free-of-charge service to buyers, sellers and real estate agents. Each member who refers the site will be seen as more professional than non-CREIA members. After a very short period of time, CREIA members will be perceived as the “inspector of choice” by buyers, sellers and REALTORS over other non-CREIA members.

In addition, by directing internet traffic to the site through the CREIA website, CREIA will gain in the number of “hits” its site receives and that will raise the CREIA website on the internet search engines. The more exposure a website receives and the higher it sits on the search engines, the more likely someone looking for an inspector will find that inspector on our website. It will truly be a “Win-Win” for everyone.

Last is the powerful means to keep this site alive: ADVERTISING! The website will be open for advertising that does not have to be limited to inspection related businesses. The obvious benefit to, for example, construction material wholesalers will be large banner ads prominently displayed to anyone who visits our site looking for home related questions. Can there be a more perfect fit between the need for answers and the providers of home construction solutions? What is as important is that, since we can appeal to a broader advertising field, the site can be self- sustaining and may even bring in enough money for additional CREIA member benefits. More on that once we are established.

The initial response from REALTORS and clients polled is unaniminously “How soon will it be available?” The website should be up and running by the middle of February and no later than the 28th. As soon as the site goes “live”, an e-mail blast will be sent to every CREIA member with a valid e-mail address.

The old saying goes: Lead, follow or get out of the way! Let’s get CREIA out in front and lead!

A Special Thanks to the following CREIA Chapters for their donations to support

Inland Empire: $500
Greater Sacramento: $500
Conejo Valley: $330
North Bay: $630
Delta: $200
Palm Springs: $300
LA Mid-Valley: $300
North San Diego: $300
Greater San Gabriel Valley: $200
Sam Luis Obispo: $300

As always, if you as CREIA members have any comments on how to improve our Association, please contact your Chapter President, Regional Director or simply e-mail the Board of Directors through the CREIA website.

Michael Foschaar, MCI
Chairman of the Board 2008/2009

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The new contents of this class will enlighten your hearth knowledge and protect your assets. This eight hour class will include Product Identification & Application, Identifying Modification and Alterations, Heat Transfer and Result, New Construction and Resale Inspection, New Information on Insert Installations, Carbon Monoxide Exposure, Moisture Entry, Structural Concerns and Much More, Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Give your support to CREIA while increasing your knowledge and protecting your clients.

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CREIA presents 3 days full of education: 25 CECs, 2 continental breakfasts, luncheon award ceremony, reception, exhibits, peer-to-peer interaction, conference CD and onsite discounts.

25 Continuing Education Credits (CEC's)

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Q: If I am major owner in a National Franchise Real Estate Company Office, is it proper for me to do home inspections for the agents in my office?

A: I see a problem in that as a major owner of the real estate company you have a financial interest in the sales of the homes by the agents in your office. This creates a conflict of interest. The CREIA Code of Ethics states an inspector shall not “Inspect for a fee any property in which the inspector, or the inspector’s company, has any financial interest or any interest in the transfer of the property.” The California Business and Professions Code (Section 7197) says “It is an unfair business practice for an home inspector, a company that employs the inspector, or a company that is controlled by a company that also has a financial interest in a company employing a home inspector, to” …. “Inspect for a fee any property in which the inspector, or the inspector’s company, has any financial interest or any interest in the transfer of the property.” There are other sections of the Code of Ethics and Business and Professions Code dealing with delivering compensation to a broker or agent for the “referral of any business to the inspector or the inspection company” which also have a bearing on the question. From my perspective, it would not be proper. Thank you for your question.

Submitted byDavid Pace, Ethics Chair, CREIA MCI


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