CREIA Chairs April Message


"Smooth seas do not make a skillful sailor."

African proverb

Here we are in the second quarter of this year. Hopefully you are all experiencing an increase in the quantity and quality of your inspection business. Gross real estate sales numbers are increasing around the state. Hopefully you are not inspecting as many gross properties. I don’t know about you though, I still am grateful for any inspection ordered and performed. We are going for an increase in the California Real Estate Inspection market share for our membership. We know if we want to achieve this goal everyone needs to be involved in the effort. Our Association is non-profit yet we will continue to support your inspection business being more profitable. Yet CREIA can’t help you without you helping yourself.

Our new website is growing exponentially in traffic. In December there were 5,000 web site visits with 15,000 page views of our old site. In March there were 9,000 visits with 53,000 page views. That is a dramatic increase in just three months. There have been 800,000 page views on the ASK.CREIA site with 10,138 redirects to the CREIA Inspector finder in just over a year.

As many of you are aware your current CEC count has not been available until now. This was a very tedious and time consuming project that has just been finished.

We are very fortunate to have our new Webmaster Dominic Maricic join the CREIA Team. He has 15 years of website design and Search Engine optimization (SEO) experience. His reporting software and website development company Home Inspector Pro is now used in 11 countries and in 5 languages.

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. Anonymous

Look in this issue for one of his articles on SEO optimization. Dominic is available for the many Members who do not have websites or need improvements on their site performance. It is impossible to grow your inspection business today without a properly performing website. CREIA is supporting your business growth towards every Member having a website that links to He will be making presentations in Chapter meetings and Road Show’s, next one is in Sacramento on May 1st. Talk with your Chapter leadership about bringing him to your Region and then don’t miss him. Thank you for your good works to benefit our Association and Membership Dominic.

"Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back."

Chinese Proverb

In our continuing education of our Membership there is a new Pool & Spa Inspection class. This is presented by Peter Boyd MCI of Assurance Inspections and TWI Reporting Systems. Peter is a practicing Inspector and long an ardent CREIA leader. This Road Show is a thorough guide to performing a Pool & Spa inspection including a 260 page course syllabus. CREIA will lead the inspection profession with the only Pool & Spa Contract and Standards of Practice that will be available soon to also accompany this class and be available for sale at the CREIA Store. All that and 8 CEC’s for only $159.00. Talk with your Chapter leadership about bringing him to your Region and then don’t miss him. Peter is also our incoming CFO on the Board of Directors, a true blue CREIA leader.

We can say with full confidence that CREIA is very ably directed by our own Cella Flores acting Director of the Executive Office of CREIA. She reports that we almost gaining a new CREIA Candidate a day. Our fiscal condition has been improving steadily with our reserves increasing monthly. This has not occurred for the last four years. Switching our bookkeeping system to Quickbooks, she and Greg Noyes are enabling us to better manage our financial resources. Cella has proven time and again she is more than able and capable of accomplishing the operation of directing CREIA. We could not thank you enough Cella!

Best Regards and Inspecting

Bill Parker


Success is not losing momentum regardless of the circumstances” -Winston Churchill