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August 2010 Chair Message

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Greetings Fellow CREIA Members,

I hope this E-News finds you and yours in good health. May this also find you with an increase in the profitability of your business?

On a somber note, Jim Farmer one of CREIA’s truly Dedicated Members for nearly twenty years, has passed. A heartfelt ceremony was held at Veterans Memorial Park in Simi Valley that was attended by many CREIA Members. Jim’s influence has and will continue with many of us for a long time. Jim had called me with impeccable timing on the morning after our April Board of Directors Meeting. “I want to congratulate you on becoming a has been” in reference to my term being up as Chairman. I thanked him but said I had been re-elected. He didn’t miss a beat “Well then you deserve what you are going to get”.

It is high time that the ideal of success…should be replaced by the ideal of service.” -Albert Einstein

As with Jim, John Daley, Bob Reeds, Gene Prowizer, Douglas Hansen, Michael Casey, Geoff Lunt, Scott Clements, Robert Fennema, Dennis Parra Sr., Robert McManus, Peter Walker, Al Virtue, George Harper, Jerry McCarthy, Greg Noyes, and Duane McCutcheon are all CREIA Mentor’s who have contributed far beyond a reasonable or calculated amount to CREIA. All CREIA Members have benefited considerably from these individuals efforts. Several of these Members continue to give of their energy, talents and time in support of CREIA These and many other current Members contribute continuously to our mutual benefit and prosperity.

I often hear Members referring to CREIA State as the Head Office, Corporate or Them (capital T intended) as if our Office and the CREIA Board of Directors were something other than volunteers. We do have two paid employees, yet everyone else is volunteers. This is a commitment over and above running an inspection business. Very few of these Members have any extra time. Yet they continue, for years on end, to make time for CREIA. I am proud, honored and really enjoy working with these CREIA volunteers. This doesn’t count the advanced education regarding inspections, running an inspection business, professional development, leadership and the best perk fellowship.


CREIA is 34 years young this year. We are growing to become better and more than ever before. We invite each and every one of you to step up to committing your time and talents.

Some people choose not to donate their services because they believe that it somehow devalues them by "giving them away." In truth, there is nothing that demonstrates the value of your skills more than putting them to good use for a cause you believe in.” -Scott Allen

I want to personal apologize for the belated delivery of the CREIA E-News. Tyler Clydesdale’s retirement, after 12 years, has left many more tasks for Cella, the CREIA Office and the Board of Director’s than anticipated. Please bear with us as we return to providing the E-News monthly. You will find each issue filled with valuable articles and vital information to benefit every Inspector and their business success. Make an E-News file to keep your copies in for future reference. Most of us are not likely to have the time to read the entire issue when you receive the email. We will also be posting each issue on the web site. Finally, yes we hear you; we will be bringing back the CREIA Journal hardcopy at a regular interval. Details in next issue.

Now get out there and enjoy the summer with your family and friends.

Best Regards,

Bill Parker




























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