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Inspection Glossary Test

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This series of columns is designed to familiarize CREIA members with “The Glossary Project” which is “Standardized Terminology for the Professional Real Estate Inspector”. This is a must have for all inspectors and is especially helpful in preparing the candidate for the CREIA CCI test as most of the terms in the test are defined in The Glossary Project. It is available from the CREIA On-Line Store.


  1. A horizontal piece of timber secured to the uprights and supporting floor or ceiling joists, etc, is a _______________ ________________.

  2. An ___________ is a fitting designed to provide a change in direction in a run of pipe.

  3. An opening through a wall or parapet that allows water to drain from a roof or a deck is called a ____________________.

  4. A device which admits air into a system if and when the system attempts to reduce its pressure to less than that of the atmosphere is a _________ __________ ____________.

  5. A pressure actuated valve or rupture member or fusible plug designed to automatically relieve excessive pneumatic or hydraulic pressure is a _________-_________ __________.

  6. ____________ flooring products are made from polyvinyl chloride in large sheets or small tiles.

  7. The passage of a direct electric current through an ion-containing solution which produces chemical changes at the electrodes such as the corrosion caused by joining two dissimilar metals like copper and steel is called _________________.

  8. A ______________ __________ _____________ is a prohibited type of trap where the vent is connected at the crown of the trap.

  9. An appliance which produces conditioned air under positive pressure for distribution through ducts is a _________ ________ _________.

  10. A test which is used to determine how well soil will accommodate a septic system by judging how well liquid passes through the soil is a ___________ test.


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