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Leadership Day 2010

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By Terry Brown, Chapter Relations

Thursday July 15th was CREIA Leadership Day 2010 in Burlingame, CA. This yearly CREIA event is where all the incoming Chapter Presidents meet with the CREIA State Board of Directors to get to know each other, learn, and share information on Chapter operations, planning, and goals needed to assist the Chapter Presidents for a great start to the year ahead. An open line of communication was imparted between the Board and Chapter Presidents, who represent the membership, to jointly work toward the best interests of all CREIA members.

Presentations were heard on the "Role of the Association and its Leaders" and "Charter Obligations & Guideline Review" regarding the responsibilities of CREIA to the Chapters and the Chapter leadership to the members. Peter Boyd presented "Chapter Finances & Accountability" along with "Website & Online Resources". Jesse Rusmisel gave us the "New CREIA Educational Plan", Al Virtue spoke on "Membership", George Harper on "CCHI", and Bill Parker on "Public Relations". Jerry McCarthy was on hand to provide even more information and answer questions. Ideas for Chapter Marketing, Education, and enlisting new Chapter leadership were also discussed.

Most of the printed materials provided to the Chapter Presidents, such as "Operational Guidelines for Chapters", the "Chapter Charter", and the "CREIA Bylaws” and more can be obtained at after logging in and going to the documents area. Power Point presentations on technical topics are also available for use for pre-meetings or education along with Chapter documents on toolbox registration and financial reporting to CREIA.

The Regional Directors who make up the Chapter Relations Committee are here as the direct conduit between the Chapters and the CREIA Board of Directors. These Regional Directors provide an opportunity to keep the communication open and help these Chapters to be successful. Each Chapter President should get to know their respective Regional Director and rely on him for a source of advice and a direct voice to the Board of Directors.

This year Chapter members have been invited by the BOD to join the various committees and work alongside the board on our many issues and projects. Maybe one of the most important things we have learned from Leadership Day is the fact that the Chapter Leadership is the strength of CREIA and must be supported for our membership to prosper and grow.




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