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Becoming a Member

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The Home Inspector Badge for CaliforniaThank you for your interest in the California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA). As one of the fastest growing trade associations in the state of California, becoming a Candidate Member of CREIA will provide you with many opportunities to interact with and learn from our Inspector Members. You have taken the first step in the process of aligning yourself with the very best in the industry. Becoming a Candidate Member of CREIA is easy.

The first step is to complete our secure Online Membership Application. Click Here.

Then upgrading your Candidate Member status to a CERTIFIED CREIA INSPECTOR (CCI) Member involves the following 
six (6) requirements:

  1. You must secure/document sixty (60) Continuing Education Credit (CEC) hours relating to real estate inspection within one year of submitting your candidate application. One Continuing Education Credit (CEC) is awarded for each hour of attendance at a pre-approved inspector education program. A CREIA approved educational supplier must provide a certificate of attendance that is to be submitted by the inspector to CREIA Headquarters for recording. Attendance records at CREIA sponsored events — such as chapter meetings, toolboxes and CREIA conferences — are supplied directly by the hosting chapter(s); however, in order to ensure accurate recording of an inspector's attendance at such events, it is in the best interest of the inspector to maintain their separate documentation of attendance. Approved CECs are added to the inspector's file.
  2. Attend two (2) of your local CREIA Chapter meetings.
  3. The California Home Inspector Exam is being replaced by the National Home Inspector Examination (NHIE) effective January 1, 2013.  After that date the NHIE will be the only exam accepted towards your CCI requirement.  To register for the NHIE visit their website at  The cost for this exam is $225, there are 200 multiple-choice questions and you're given 4 hours to complete the test.  When you visit the website be sure to go through the Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ link for more information.  Check out the Preparing for the Exam and Sample Questions link for additional information.
  4. Participate in the Path to Success Program with two (2) Ride Alongs with an approved CREIA Certified Trainer. 
  5. Report review of two (2) fee paid inspections by a CREIA Certified Trainer.
  6. Attendance and participation in a CREIA Standards of Practice group inspection.
  7. Candidate is required to become a CCI within 2 years.
  8. Candidate Dues and Fees - $500/first year.  Membership Dues Thereafter - $395/year

Once you have successfully passed the above requirements you will be entitled to use the CERTIFIED CREIA INSPECTOR (CCI) designation and CREIA logo on your business and marketing materials. We strongly urge you to seek this CERTFIED CREIA INSPECTOR (CCI) Member status so that we can recognize and refer you to Realtors® and consumers seeking a CERTIFIED CREIA INSPECTOR (CCI) Member.

Established over 30 YEARS ago in California, CREIA is a hands-on, member-run organization committed to promoting the real estate and home inspection industry, providing educational programming, and maintaining ethical standards for inspections which keep our members at the top of their field. You are invited to attend and participate in local chapter and statewide CREIA events, seminars and conferences.

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