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CAMP - CREIA Advanced Mentoring Program

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Are you REALLY ready to be a certified home inspector?

The CREIA Advanced Mentoring Program is comprised of three key components to assist the new-comer and/or CREIA candidate in preparing for the CREIA certification exam and provide some real world experience.

Step 1. Educational Component

The Educational component consists of an 8 DVD set of taped live classroom topics, with 2 additional books and a pack of 25 CREIA Residential Inspection Agreements. The goal is to provide the student with the appropriate materials and training to prepare for and take the CREIA membership exam. Included in the “Be The Best” materials is the 8 DVD Set (over 16 hours of professional inspector education content presented by experienced CREIA Certified Inspectors); the “Inspection Basics” book; and “The Glossary Project” booklet. This Educational information package is available at a special price of $103.26 (s&h) at the CREIA Online Store. Buy It Now! You may also purchase components of the Educational package individually at their normal pricing.

Be The Best 8 DVD Set

Be The Best - 8 DVD Set Contents

    A history of the profession, building codes, resources, legal matters, insurance.
    Types of inspection reports, creating a report and terminology.
    Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, contracts, client(s) and real estate agent/agency and public relationships.
    All about the CREIA examination, credentials, and testing procedures.
    Building section of the codes.
    Mechanical section of the codes.
    Plumbing section of the codes.
    Electrical section of the codes.
    Understanding the CodeCheck® Reference Guides.

For the Presenters' Biographies and DVD credits click here


CREIA Inspection Basics 2.0 Book

Inspection Basics 2.0 Book

This publication is a guide to Professional Home Inspections. The inspector who wants to learn more about inspection history, common defects & terminology, professional conduct, recommended resources, tools of the trade and report writing will find this useful. Revised in 2006 (Includes Sample CREIA Membership Test Questions)

Glossary Booklet

CREIA Glossary booklet is the standardized terminology for the inspection industry and includes terms used on the CREIA certification exam.

CREIA Glossary Booklet

CREIA Advanced Mentoring ProgramComments from past participants…

  • “…a great learning tool”
  • “…very informative”
  • “…instructors were excellent at presenting the information”
  • “…instructors were knowledgeable and personable”
  • “…it give a better picture of what to expect as a new inspector”
  • “…great materials and easy content to remember”
  • “…best investment I have made to date, bar none”
  • “…great value”
  • “…highly recommend this to someone just starting out”


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Step 2. CAMP Approved RideAlong Mentors By Region

The RideAlong Mentoring component is a structured observation of a professional inspection. The goal is to provide the CAMP participant with a real world experience through the eyes of seasoned professional inspectors. All RideAlong CAMP participants are required to download, print and sign a RideAlong Release which details their participation in this field program. Below is a listing, by Region, of certified CREIA inspector Mentors who are willing to provide a RideAlong to you for a $50 fee per RideAlong. Please contact them directly to make arrangements and payment.

CAMP RideAlong Release click here (PDF: 125KB)


Region 1 - North Bay, Shasta/Cascade, Humboldt/Del Norte and Lake/Mendo Chapters

Region 5 - Conejo Valley, LA Ventura County, San Louis Obispo and Central Coast Chapters

Region 2 - Greater Sacramento and Delta Chapters

Region 6 - Orange County, West Los Angeles Chapters

Region 3 - Golden Gate, East Bay, Silicon Valley and San Francisco/Peninsula Chapters

Region 7 - Inland Empire, Greater San Gabriel, LA Mid Valley and Palm Springs Chapters

Region 4 - San Joaquin Valley, Kern County and Antelope Valley Chapters

Region 8 - San Diego and North San Diego/Temecula Valley Chapters

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Step 3. CAMP Approved Report Reviewers

The Report Review component compliments the RideAlong and Educational component. The CAMP participant is invited to submit an inspection reports from their own inspections for review for a CAMP Inspection Report Reviewer. The Reviewer will review the reports to determine compliance with the CREIA Standards of Practice, verbiage and report writing skills. The Reviewer will provide feedback and consultation to the CAMP participant. Click here to see the report review guidelines, click here to see a sample cover letter of a reviewed report. The goal is to provide the participating member with report writing skills that will result in a better product for their clients and help minimize their potential for litigation. Below is a listing of qualified CAMP Inspection Report Reviewers. A $125 fee per inspection report submitted is required. Please contact them directly to make arrangements and payment.

CAMP Report Review Guidelines click here (PDF: 112KB)
CAMP Reviewed Report Sample Cover Letter click here (PDF: 117KB)


CAMP Report Reviewers


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