CREIA Advanced Mentoring Program DVD Presenters' Biographies


CREIA Advanced Mentoring Program(CAMP) DVD Presenters' Biographies

Jim Comstock, MCI, CNCS is a Master CREIA Inspector (MCI and CREIA New Construction Specialist (CNCS) and holds certifications from ICBO in Building Inspector and Combination Dwelling Inspector, as well as being a licensed general contractor. To date, he has performed over 5,000 inspections. Jim became involved with CREIA at the chapter level in several positions. He has been the Chapter Education Chairman, Vice President and President of the San Diego CREIA Chapter. He assisted in a major rewrite of the CREIA Code of Ethics and served at the state level as the Ethics Chairperson and a member of the Education Committee. Jim holds membership in ICBO, IAEI and the League of California Homeowners. He can be reached at 760/765-1442 or via email.

Dale Feb, MCI, CNCS is the founder and president of both D-Way Fireplace Inspection Service and the Fireplace Investigation, Research & Education Service “F.I.R.E. Service”. Mr. Feb has personally performed over sixteen thousand Level II fireplace inspections and is a recognized plaintiff and defense expert. He currently provides expert testimony for Fire, Construction Defect, Product Defect, and Personal Injury Litigation. He also provides the only "Fireplace & Chimney Inspector" Certification course in the United States with locations on both the West and East Coast. He is a Certified ICC Combination Dwelling, Building & Mechanical Inspector, a UFCA Certified Fire Code Inspector, a IAPMO Certified Mechanical Inspector, a California Licensed Mechanical Contractor, a CREIA Certified Master Inspector, A CREIA New Construction Specialist, an NFI Certified Gas Technician and a F.I.R.E. Certified “Fireplace & Chimney Inspector”. There is no doubt that he is respectively “Setting the Industry Standards”. Feel free to contact Mr. Feb for any assistance and/or upcoming course dates. He can be reached at 805/552-9958 or via email.

Robert Fennema, P.E., MCI is President of Criterium-Fennema Engineers and is a graduate of both Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Bachelors Degree) and Georgia Tech (Masters Degree), both with a major in Civil Engineering. He formed Criterium-Fennema Engineers in 1990 to provide engineering support to the buyers and owners of homes and commercial buildings. He has personally performed over 4500 real estate inspections for buyers and owners. He has experience as a construction manager on both the construction of new homes and rehabilitation of homes for a total of 2600 units. He also has extensive experience providing public works facility maintenance and construction. He is frequently called upon to serve as an expert in litigation involving home inspection and engineering matters. Mr. Fennema is a leader in the real estate inspection industry having served as the San Diego Chapter President of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and as President of the California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) in 1995-96. He maintains memberships in: Association of Expert Building Consultants, American Society of Civil Engineers, National Society of Professional Engineers, California Society of Professional Engineers, American Concrete Institute, International Association of Electrical Inspectors, and the International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO). He can be reached via email.

Douglas Hansen, CCI is a nationally known expert on building codes and home inspection. He is a licensed contractor and a certified building, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical inspector. He is co-author of the popular CodeCheck field guides to building codes, and the author of Electrical Inspection of Existing Dwellings. He was a full time home inspector for 15 years prior to becoming an author and instructor, and his seminars address the practical concerns of home inspectors. Mr. Hansen is also the senior editor of the CREIA INSPECTOR Magazine and has served in many capacities with the CREIA's Board of Directors, committees and the CCHI. He can be reached via email.

George Harper, MCI is the owner/inspector of the California Inspection Agency. He has been a member of the California Real Estate Inspection Association since 1992. He is licensed as a general contractor and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of New Mexico. He is a member of ICBO, IAEI, IAPMO and CCHI. He has served the inspection profession in various levels of leadership including local chapter offices, as well as State Secretary and Public Relations Chair. In July 2004 he assumed the leadership of the California Real Estate Inspection Association as Chairman of the Board (his second time hold this top officer title). He can be reached at 562/596-7209 or via email.

Joey Lee, MCI has been an inspector member with California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) since 1996, holding such titles as Orange County Chapter President for 2001- 2002 year, Chapter Vice President, 2 consecutive years (1999-2001) and Chapter Secretary 1998-1999. Joey is also a member of International Conference of Building Codes (ICBO), International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI), and International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Inspectors (IAPMO). He is a certified ICBO Inspector in the following disciplines; One and Two Family Dwellings for Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Building and Dwelling Inspection. He also holds a second certification for Electrical Inspector with IAEI.  He is also a licensed General Contractor in the state of California. He can be reached via email.

Jerry McCarthy, CNCS is a member of ICBO, IAPMO and IAEI and holds certification as a combination residential dwelling inspector. He has spent over 50 years in the construction industry as a builder, inspector, teacher and consultant and since retiring from the trenches as an inspector Jerry has concentrated on his construction consultant business where he is often called upon to serve as an expert in litigation involving home inspectors and construction defect cases. This spring Jerry will complete his tenth year as both a CREIA member and Associate Professor in the Building Inspection Technology Department at the College of San Mateo where he is an instructor in residential building codes and inspection technology. He has served serves as CREIA's PR chair and sits on CREIA's Bulletin Board and Education Committees. Jerry has written numerous articles for The INSPECTOR Magazine since 1994 and has authored Jerry's Code Corner since 1998. He is an approved Inspection Report Reviewer for the CREIA Advanced Mentoring Program. Jerry can be reached via email.

Duane McCutcheon, MCI, CNCS is a Certified CREIA Inspector (CCI) and CREIA New Construction Specialist (CNCS) with 25 years of home inspecting experience. A General Building Contractor since 1972, he has hands-on experience in virtually all residential and light commercial trades Duane is also ICC Certified Combination Dwelling Inspecto r, Tested and Certified proficient in the California Building Code, National Electrical Code and the Uniform Plumbing and Mechanical Codes. He is a F.I.R.E. Certified Fireplace and Chimney Inspector, trained, tested and certified to conduct National Fire Protection Association Level I, Level II and Level III fireplace and chimney inspections. Duane is the past president of the West Lost Angeles/South Bay Chapter of CREIA and is the Chairman of the CREIA Online Activities Committee. He can be reached at 310/379-1999 or via email.

Steve Rush, MCI, is the owner and founder of On-Site Inspections with 17 years experience in performing home, and 11 years experience in termite inspections. He was county manager and lead inspector for two other large Bay Area inspection firms prior to starting his own business. With these companies he earned "Top Inspector" honors for most inspections performed. He has personally trained or managed other inspectors working in the Bay Area. He serves on the CREIA Online Activities Committee and is President of the San Francisco Peninsula Chapter of CREIA. He can be reached at 650/952-5173 or via email

Darryl Seymour, MCI is a local area CREIA inspector in south Orange County. He is currently the Vice President and the Educational Chair for the Orange County Chapter. Darryl is also the current CREIA State Membership Chair and is a CREIA Board of Director. Darryl owns and operates Seymour Property Inspections and can be reached at 949/248-1444 or via email.

Mike Schindler, CCI is a member of the Inland Empire Chapter of CREIA and is the president and majority stockholder of R.M.S. Inspection Services Inc., dba Quality Property Inspection Service, located in Upland, CA. For the over 25 year, Robert has either owner of been a management professional in an incorporated business in California. He is a past president of the Inland Empire Chapter of CREIA, a member of the CREIA Board of Directors and an approved Inspection Report Reviewer for the CREIA Advanced Mentoring Program. He can be reached at 909/946-1982 or via email.

Mitch Sudy, MCI is the Vice President of Operations for Inspection Training Associates ( and a Master CREIA Inspector. Mitch is a member of the CREIA Board of Directors for 2004 - 2005 and over the years has served on many CREIA committees including the Residential and Commercial Standards of Practice. He also currently serves as the chairman of the CREIA exam committee. Mitch was recognized as the CREIA Inspector of the Year in 2001. He was President of San Diego CREIA Chapter for two years, and served as a Regional Director in 2002-03. He holds membership in CREIA, ICBO, IAEI and ASHI. Mitch is the former owner of Allquest Home Inspections, a San Diego based inspection firm. He can be reached at 800/323-9235 or via email.

CREIA also wishes to thank the following contributors for the creation of this educational product:
Joey T. Lee — CREIA Advanced Mentoring Program (CAMP) Principal and program producer; George Harper, CREIA Chairman 2005; Greg Noyes, CREIA Conference Chair 2005; Neal Muckler, CREIA Education Chair 2005; Carl Poehlmann, Chairman 2002-2004; Video Production: Russ Reinsel of Red Dog Creative Services.