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AdvoCal Welcomes CREIA

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By Kacy Dawn Wallis, CREIA Executive Director

Kacy_WallisI consider myself a “house person.” You know, the type - addicted to the DIY and HGTV channels, constantly living in a state of upgrade or remodel and someone who just generally enjoys time in their home. I got the keys to my very first house on my 21st birthday. It was a 1500 sq. ft, four bedroom, two bath, new construction, starter home. Raised on a small ranchette and loving to have my horses at home, I always knew I wanted to buy country property by the time I was 30.

I signed papers on my cute, two acre farm house just two months shy of my 30th birthday. I come by it honestly – my parents are “house people” and my grandparents were, too. My grandpa built the family home back in 1949. My mom was raised in that house. Today, she and my dad live there, only now it’s morphed into an amazing version of its former self. My husband (the family handyman) took part in the major renovations and it will continue to be a part of our family for generations to come. As you can imagine, I’m thrilled to be representing CREIA in a world amongst my fellow “house people.”

While my involvement in the association is new, because of AdvoCals extensive history of lobbying for CCHI for the past 18 years, I feel a built-in connection. Knowing the history of the association and the profession is essential to help guide it forward into the future. Surviving the peaks and valleys as CREIA has, just proves its members highly value the organization, have strong hearts and great survival instincts. Because of you, CREIA remains standing where many other associations would have failed. Be proud of such an incredible achievement.

Now it’s time to set our sights on the prosperous future ahead. AdvoCal just celebrated its 27th birthday. This company was built with high moral standards and employs an amazing team of people with impeccable work ethics. I joined AdvoCal in 1999 and became partner to founder, Carl Brakensiek, in 2004. During my 11 years in the company, I have represented a variety of industries and have worked with a myriad of people. My staff and I have learned so much through the experiences with other associations. We look forward to sharing our experiences with CREIA leadership to help grow the association, build additional membership benefits and streamline operations.

I am honored to serve as your Executive Director, and look forward to meeting you on the road ahead. To learn more about me, AdvoCal and our staff, visit

Kacy can be reached at, or from CREIA’s new headquarters – 1000 Q Street, Suite 203, Sacramento, CA 95811-6518 or via phone at 800-848-7342.


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