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Jim Farmer, In Memorium: An Influential CREIA Leader has been lost!

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Jim Farmer
On May 19th, CREIA lost one of its most influential leaders with the passing of Jim Farmer. Jim joined the joint ASHI/ CREIA Los Angeles chapter in 1988 and served as a chapter officer in that chapter as well as both San Fernando and Conejo CREIA chapters. im served the following CREIA positions:

* CREIA State Secretary( 1991-92, 2001-2004)
* CREIA Vice-Chairman/ Chairman Elect ( 1996-97)
* CREIA Chairman( 1997-98)
* State Director-at-Large( 2000-01, 2004-05)
* Region 5 State Director( 2007-09)

Jim was honored as a CREIA Inspector FELLOW, 2002 John Daly award winner, and was a Master CREIA Inspector # 0004

With a list of awards, accomplishments and certifications representing his thirst for knowledge, Jim was voracious in his approach to learning. It seemed like there was no subject that he did not have a good understanding of and, in most cases, an extensive knowledge of subject matter. More important than that was his generosity with his time and willingness to help others, both in and out of the inspection profession.

The list of both CREIA and ASHI members who are indebted to Jim's assistance is too long to list here. From mentoring new candidates to always being there for a correct answer of seasoned inspectors; donating time and
research to improving CREIA policy, By-Laws and legal wording, Jim was always the go-to guy.

Jim was very opinionated and willing to share that opinion without ever holding back. More than a few times did his passion and opinion result in raised voices but he had self respect enough to shake hands with those he
disagreed with.

Jim Farmer was a good friend and will be missed every day.

"Good friends are family that you choose."

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