July 2011 Chairman's Message

I am honored that the CREIA Board of Directors has chosen me to Chair the Board for the upcoming year and that being said the new Board is ready to serve you, the membership. This will be my third term in this position in my twenty years of CREIA membership. I am also very excited as to the direction the association is headed. Many exciting things will be unfolding this year. In January thirteen dedicated members got together along with staff for a two day Vision Planning Session to map out CREIA's future. That document will be reviewed, ratified by the Board and published for the membership.

On the subject of membership, the CREIA membership committee is the strongest, most active committee I have seen in my many years of involvement in CREIA. Soon to be released will be the "Path to Success", the brain child of Steve Rush along with Al Virtue and the tireless efforts of that committee. This will involve the training of seasoned inspectors for the purpose of training entry level inspectors (candidates). I have no doubt that through this program CREIA we will be the envy of other associations. This is a great opportunity for both our members and candidates as well. Membership is also putting out surveys, they are short, do not take long to complete and your participation is vital to us as it assist us in developing the programs that interest you.

Last April we had our first multi-day Conference in the state in over three years. It exceeded our most optimistic expectations for attendance, the reviews of the educational offerings, staff involvement were very positive. Sam Jabuka was given the job of organizing this event and he did not disappoint. We are on the path as our membership has asked for back to our traditional and very successful two annual multi-day conferences, one in Northern California and one in Southern California, thus providing you the opportunity to attend one close to home to minimize our travel expenses. Of course it is our goal to entice you by providing excellent educational offerings to attend both.

This fall we will be coming up on our one year anniversary with our management team, AdvoCal. There have been some growing pains and speed bumps along the way as was to be expected but they are improving daily. AdvoCal has a multitude of resources available that we are just beginning to tap into that promise to make CREIA better year to year. The CREIA finances are healthy again and we continue to explore areas to assist you to be the best inspector you can be. We will always strive to that end as the best inspectors help define our mission and commitment to the home buying public.

A few closing comments, when I assumed the job I made a commitment that I would travel to as many Chapters throughout the state as possible to meet you, the membership. That process began even before my term began. A warning though, I am looking for volunteers, those of you who are serious about this profession I have a guaranteed "Path to Success" program, get involved. Volunteer at your chapter level, serve on a committee. The most successful among us are those that understand the concept that the shortest path to your success is to help others to be successful in their quest. That has been proven over and over again. I look forward to seeing you soon, make your plans to meet in Sacramento this October, it promises to be great.

George Harper

CREIA Chairman of the Board