Coalition of California Home Inspectors (CCHI)


Coalition of California Home Inspectors (CCHI)

By Terry Brown, Chapter Relations

At a recent Chapter Board meeting we were discussing our yearly budget and noted it was time to donate to CCHI.  After further questions and discussion we decided to plan a regular schedule of donations.  For our newer CREIA members, CCHI, the Coalition of California  Home Inspectors monitors any legislation that comes up in Sacramento that may affect the Home Inspection industry.  CCHI members come from CREIA, ASHI, AII, and individual inspectors.  CCHI hires Carl Brakensiek as a lobbyist to alert our industry on any legislation that could affect inspector's livelihoods.  Since 1995 Home Inspection legislation has happened many times.  In sessions when an inspection bill is introduced, our lobbyist appears at committee hearings, works with legislators, and advises CCHI.  CCHI then keeps CREIA informed on what is going on.  Without this protection we may have been stuck with a Home Inspection licensing bill that was not in the best interest of inspectors nor consumers.

CCHI Co-Chairs , George Harper, Bob Fennema, and Jon Gudnason have donated time to testify On HI legislation in Sacramento and in CCHI meetings to protect our interests as needed.  Over the years many others have also participated in working with and raising funds for CCHI.  CCHI relies totally on donations given by inspectors.  Checks are made payable to CCHI and sent to the CREIA office where they are deposited into a separate CCHI account.  Everyone who donates to CCHI is a member.  Advocal, the company Carl Brakenstiek works for, is paid monthly directly from the CCHI account.  The fee paid goes up in times when a bill has gone "hot" and CCHI has had to become actively engaged in talking with legislators, attending meetings,  and having to testify in front of committees.  All members of CCHI are volunteers and unpaid.

In the past the CREIA conferences were able to raise nearly $7500 per conference which would nearly pay for our lobbyist for one year.  In the down economy and without the conferences that has put a huge dent in funds for CCHI.  Carl, being a true friend to the profession and CREIA / ASHI, put a moratorium on his fees for more than two years to help us get through these difficult times.  CCHI is now again paying Advocal but still well below what should be paid.

CCHI is at this time a bare bones, grass roots organization fighting in the best interest of practicing Home Inspectors in California, whether  affiliated with a Trade Association or not.  Funds are always needed and greatly appreciated by CCHI.  I want to urge all CREIA Chapters to include a donation to CCHI in your yearly budget.  Representation is expensive.  Failing to be represented is even more expensive.  Give what you can to ensure that the future of our Home Inspection Trade does not fall under the control of others and degrade the standard of care to the consumer.

Special thanks to George Harper for the forgoing information and his undying commitment to this cause.