Master CREIA Inspector (MCI)


To qualify for CREIA's MCI designation, you must:

  • An individual who has been a CCI member of the Association for at least two years
  • Has passed ICC Certification as a Residential Combination Inspector, California Residential 
         Combination Inspector OR Combination Dwelling Inspector
  • Has earned 250 or more Continuing Education Credits
  • Performed over 1,000 paid real estate inspections
  • Here's some helpful links to help you navigate through the ICC website:
    Certification Categories Requiring Multiple Examinations(Residential Combination Inspector)
    Certification Transition Information
    Computer Based Testing Exam Bulletin
    (links updated 08/19/14)

    **Upon successful completion of the four ICC exams, you will then be able to locate another MCI (not from your same company or chapter) who will evaluate you on a peer Ride Along Review inspection.

    MCI Ride Along and Peer Review