July Inspection Test

This series of columns is designed to familiarize CREIA members with “The Glossary Project” which is “Standardized Terminology for the Professional Real Estate Inspector”. This is a must have for all inspectors and is especially helpful in preparing the candidate for the CREIA CCI test as most of the terms in the test are defined in The Glossary Project. It is available from the CREIA On-Line Store.

  1. A system or component that is turned off, inactivated, not in-service, non-operational is ______________ _____________.
  2. A ____________ ___________ is a fan, blower or other mechanical means provided to move air, heat or water vapor to or from any room, space or equipment.
  3. A __________________ is an assembly consisting of a hearth and fire chamber of noncombustible material and provided with a chimney for use with solid fuels.
  4. A __________ ____________ transfers power from the utility line into a house to be distributed through fuses or circuit breakers.
  5. A _____________ is a framework of beams forming a rigid structure, such as a roof or floor.
  6. _____________ is the opposition in a circuit to the flow of alternating current consisting of resistance and reactance.
  7. The ___________ is an air compartment or chamber including uninhabited crawl spaces, areas above a ceiling or below a floor, or attic spaces, to which one or more ducts are connected and which forms part of either the supply air, return air or exhaust air system, other than the occupied space being conditioned.
  8. A _____________ is a group of wires for transmitting electrical signals that are bound together and usually have shared or common insulation.
  9. ____________ ______________ is a plaster-like material used along with wallboard tape to fill and finish joints between gypsum board panels.
  10. ___________ or __________ referrs to equipment that is shown in a list published by an approved testing agency.