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Inspector Educational Opportunities


CREIA Educational Conferences / Symposiums / Seminars

California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) has an annual conference every year. As well as obtaining networking opportunities, the Board of Directors strategically place education sources for the seminars during the conference. These education sources are approved and reviewed by the Education Chair to receive Continuing Education Credits for all members who attend. The typical sum of CECs ranges from 20-30 and attending the conference automatically removes that member from CREIA's auditing process which takes place every month during renewals. In addition to CECs, CREIA also offers a Group Standard of Practice Report Review for all Candidates who attend the conference and need this requirement completed. We suggest all members to attend the conference for networking and education, all the while enjoying the different aspects of the real estate inspection community.

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Fall 2016 CREIA Annual Conference: Information coming soon!
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CREIA Chapters

CREIA chapters are located throughout the state. Most chapters hold monthly educational meetings and special event programs. Each CREIA member is assigned to a local chapter. All Certified CREIA Inspector (CCI) and Master CREIA Inspector (MCI) members, Candidates, Affiliates and prospective members/guests are invited to attend local meetings. Chapter meetings are an excellent way to meet and interact with peers, participate in educational programs, and market products and services to those in the inspection industry. Toolbox events are held by the CREIA Chapters that pay to have education reviewed and approved on your behalf which allows our members to obtain CECs cost free which helps to uphold the (30) Continuing Education Credit standard.

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CREIA Technical Information Exchange

The CREIA Technical Information Exchange (T.I.E.) is considered best membership benefits of the association. The latest information from the frontline, containing both inspection techniques and proper protocol, is available for all Inspector Members, Candidates and Affiliates.

The T.I.E. is great place to ask questions related to performing property inspections — whether entry- level “basic” or highly technical inquiries. Seasoned CREIA Inspectors are willing to share both their knowledge and real world experiences from the front line with both new and old members. With more than 25,000 postings (including many photos) on all topics related to the inspection professions, the T.I.E. is constantly monitored by the CREIA’s Online Activity Committee.

Any CREIA member is welcome to view the current and past postings. If you wish to participate in viewing/researching/posting/answering questions, please follow the prompts to register for your TIE User ID and password. 

CREIA Educational Providers

Interested in partnering with CREIA with education? CREIA approved education consists of educational sources that have been review and approved by the Board of Directors, this is what it means for education to be "CREIA Approved". CREIA Approved education companies also pay a fee to be listed and review and eventually comes at no cost the member looking to receive Continuing Education Credits from that source. If an educational source is not "CREIA Approved" it means that the educational source has not submitted their education and curriculum to CREIA for review. This does not mean that the education is inadequate or not good enough to be sourced as CREIA Approved, it simply means that they have not submitted their education. To submit education to be reviewed and approved, the educational source must be an Affiliate of CREIA. The only designation that CREIA has that waives the Continuing Education Credit fee is the Premium Educational Affiliate Member. All other designations of the Affiliate membership must pay of at least $25 per CEC (Continuing Education Credit) or: # of CEUs/Hours x $25.

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     CAMP - CREIA Advanced Mentoring Program

Are you REALLY ready to be a home inspector?

CREIA can help. CREIA continues to enhance its education, testing and mentoring program to make sure quality professionals are entering the field. Established in 2004, the CREIA Advanced Mentoring Program (CAMP) is a focused guidance and mentoring program. This program is a follow-up to the technical training programs already provided by inspector training schools and will assist those interested in preparing for the National Home Inspection Exam and other CREIA certification exams. This course does not count towards CEC requirements. This course is given to Candidates when they first join CREIA to give them insight to the home inspection industry and to assit them in their exams or it can also be bought at our CREIA Store.

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CREIA Educational, Reference & Exam Preparation Publications

The education of professional inspectors is the most important thing that we do. It is our primary mission. We seek to educate our members on current construction, code and health and safety issues, as well as educating consumers about the value of a professional inspection. We provide all kinds educational programming including monthly chapter meetings, conferences, exam preparation materials, press releases, online testing, technical bulletin board, vendor resources and home-study products.

CREIA publishes its own inspector education products as well as providing discounts to members for commonly used reference and exam preparation materials — most educational products are available through our online store.

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