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CREIA Approved Education

The education listed in the Events Calendar are CREIA-sponsored education or education approved by CREIA for continuing education credit. CREIA Associates (formerly Candidates), CREIA Members, Certified CREIA Inspectors, and Master CREIA Inspectors must report and document to CREIA at least thirty (30) Continuing Education Credits (CECs) per membership year. At least ten (10) of those CECs must be CREIA-sponsored programs (Conference, online education, chapter events). Up to 20 CECs may be gained in a renewal year by any of the approved educational partners.

Click here for other ways to earn CECs with CREIA and CEC guidelines.

You may take any of the education listed to obtain CECs, but the member is responsible for all costs outside of membership; if you are looking for pricing, please click the website link provided to their respective pages. CREIA does not recommend specific courses, however, the education listed is in compliance with CREIA's Standards of Practice and § 7195 California Business & Professions Code for Home Inspectors in the State of California. All courses are submitted annually and reviewed by the CREIA Education Committee.

In addition to others specifically named in the Event List/Calendar continuing education from the following organizations are approved:

American Home Inspectors Training Institute (AHIT)
ASHI--Allied School of Home Inspection
BPI--Building Science Principles
Carson Dunlop
Home Inspection University
Inspection Certification Associates (ICA)
Michael Casey Associates (MCA)
McKissock 100% Education
Monroe Infrared
National Swimming Pool Foundation
Professional Home Inspection Institute
Simpson Strong Tie
SoCal Edison
United Infrared

 Education Source | Course Title | # CECs
Premier Educational Affiliate

CREIA, Michael CaseyMichael Casey Associates (MCA)

Through June 2018

  • Live Home Inspection Training Class (60) - CREIA members receive $50 off live training. Be sure to let them know you are a CREIA member for the discount. (See Website for dates) Registration fees have not increased in seven years in an effort to maintain costs for prospective home inspectors.
  • Commercial Inspection Management - Online Course (16)
  • CREIA Report Writing Standards Online - Online Course & Final Exam (1.5)
  • Fundamentals of Home Inspection - Online Class & Final Exam (40)
  • Principals of Home Inspection - Online Class & Final Exam (100)
  • House: Buy - Fix - Sell - Online Class & Final Exam (4)
  • Claims Consultant - Online Class & Final Exam (2)
  • The Truth About Mold - Online Class & Final Exam (4)
  • Pool and Spa Inspection - Online Class & Final Exam (8)
  • Pre-Drywall Inspection - Online Class & Final Exam (8)

altPremier Educational Affiliate
United Infrared

Through May 2018

  • The Home InspectIR; (4)

A 4-hour online training course teaching home inspectors how to use infrared technology in their home inspections.

  • SewerScan (4)

A 4-hour online training course teaching home inspectors how to grow their current business with underground piping inspections via a sewer camera.

  • Residential Construction Performance Guidelines (2)

A 2-hour training course approved by the National Association of Home Builders to help home inspectors understand construction guidelines. Registration includes a free workbook.

Through June 2018

  • ElectricIR (8)

An advanced, online course in Electrical Thermography

  • RoofScanIR (10)

This online training is an intensive course that will prepare you to perform on-roof infrared surveys of flat and low-sloped roofing systems. The course curriculum includes twenty-one (21) separate presentations about both technical and practical aspects of roof moisture surveying. Included are instruction in the chemistry, physics and thermodynamics of roofs, industry standards, applications of commercial and industrial roofing, and exactly how to perform scans on flat and low-sloped roofing systems

American Home Inspectors Training Institute (AHIT)AHIT, CREIA

Through August 2018:
  • OnCourse Real Estate, Inc. dba American Home Inspectors Training (120) CREIA CEC's for their Professional Home Inspection Online Course.
  • Home Inspection Master Course Plus Three Days Hands-on-Training - Online & Live Course (120) + (27)

Through November 2018:

  • Alternative, Renewable, Sustainable, and Green Energy (1)
  • Atoms, Conductors, Insulators, and Flow (1)
  • Biomass Energy: An Overview (1)
  • Business Etiquette (1)
  • Business Writing Skills (1)
  • Circuits and Wires (1)
  • Commercial Building Energy Conservation (1.5)
  • Customer Service- Face to Face and On the Phone, (2)
  • Direct and Alternating Current (1)
  • Direct Mail Marketing Techniques (2)
  • Electricity Distribution (1)
  • Geothermal Energy (1)
  • Home Energy Use: Helping Lower Electricity Bills (1.5)
  • Oral Communication Skills (1.5)
  • Smart Meters (1)
  • Solar Energy for Electricity and Heating (2)
  • Stress Management (1.5)
  • Time Management (1.5)
  • Voltage, Current, and Resistance (1)
  • Report Writing for Risk Reduction (8)
  • Inspector Safety (3)
  • Inspecting Pools and Spas (4)
  • Advanced Electrical - Online Class (8) through 3/2016 only

Home Inspection Universityalt

Through October 2018

  • AC & High Efficiency Furnace Inspection online (1 CEC)
  • Basement & Attic Inspection Online (1 CEC)
  • Composition Roofing Inspection (1 CEC)
  • Electric Panel Inspection (2 CECs)
  • Exterior Inspection (1 CEC)
  • Interior Inspection (1 CEC)
  • NEC 2014 Update for Home Inspectors (1 CEC)
  • Pool Inspection (1 CEC)
  • Roof and Floor Truss Inspection (2 CECs)

Inspection Certification Associates (ICA)

ICA, CREIA Educational AffiliateThrough October 2018

  • Real Estate Inspection Certification Program - Interactive Online Class (120)

CREIA, McKissockMcKissock 100% Education

Through December 2018

  • Inspecting Residential Septic Systems (1)

Through September 2018

  • Electricity and Electrical Inspections: From the Inside Out (3)
  • Roof Inspections (4)

Through June 2018

  • Energy Efficient Home Inspections - Online Course (2)

Through July 2018

  • Radon Inspection for Residential Properties online education course (4)
  • Practical and Successful Reporting online education course (4)

Through April 2019

  • Inspection What's Outside the Home - Online Course (2)
  • Safety Precautions for Home Inspectors - Online Course (2)
  • Energy Efficient Home Inspections - Online Course (2)
  • Home Inspection From the Group Up - Online Course (2)
  • Safety Precautions for Home Inspectors - Online Course (1.5)

Questions? 800-328-2008

Professional Home Inspection Institute alt

Through October 2018

  • Initial/Basic Course (90 hours)
  • Advanced Course (32 hours)
  • Commercial Mold Inspection (16 hours)
  • Defect Recognition (8 hours)
  • Energy Audit Diagnostic (20 hours)
  • Environmental Hazards (8 hours)
  • House Framing (45 hours)
  • Infrared Level 1 Thermography (60 hours)
  • Infrared Moisture Survey (24 hours)
  • Manufactured Home Inspection (16 hours)
  • Mold Remediation Certification (40 hours)
  • Mold Remediation Protocols (16 hours)
  • Pool and Spa Inspection (14 hours)
  • Radon Measurement Certification (16 hours)
  • Residential Mold Inspection (90 hours)
  • Structural Pest Inspection (24 hours)
  • Weatherization & Insulation Remediation (24 hours)

National Swimming Pool Foundation alt

Through March 2018
  • Certified Pool/Spa Inspector Online Course (3)
  • Home Pool Essentials Online Course (2)


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"It's okay but one more thing, am presently receiving my hearing treatment at the clinic so i won't be able to present at the house, I know you will be needing the key to go inside but i want you to understand that the plumber that works for me at the house still have the key so he will deliver the the key to you but the problem is that he need me to pay his balance before he can make the keys available for you but i can't get out of here to pay him by cash due to my present health status and he does not take credit card, I want you to charge the plumber balance plus $350 deposit for the inspection on my credit card all together plus credit card charges and tax fee involve once the funds clear into your account you will help me withdraw the funds and help me send that to the plumber on my behalf so he can make the keys available for you to go in and get the job started okay, am willing to give you a tip of $200 for helping me out with the favor. Hope to hear from you soon."



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