Chairman's Message: CREIA at 40 Years

By: Ken Collins, CCI

Dear CREIA Member,

Wow, 40 years… It is such an honor to be trusted as Chairman of the Board 2016/17, following such great past CREIA leaders.

A little about myself, I earned my CREIA Certification in October 2000 after graduating from Inspection Training Associates (ITA). I remember attending CREIA’s 25th Anniversary conference in 2001. One of the things that stood out for me was that there were so many talented inspectors, but what really amazed me was that they were willing to help me become a successful inspector. This is one of the many ways CREIA stands out.

After becoming a member of CREIA, I immediately began attending my local chapter's monthly meetings. I have always felt very fortunate to belong to the Silicon Valley CREIA/ASHI Chapter with so many great members, like Jerry McCarthy, Douglas Hansen, Alan Huntzinger, Steve Fishman, Craig Moorhead, Perry Farnum and Skip Walker. I have always tried to be very active in my chapter, serving on various committees and on the board.  Chapter participant numbers always go up and down and some guest speakers are better than others, but I always learn something new. Sometimes it’s from the educational speakers, other times it is just in conversation with other experienced inspectors at my table. I still wonder how someone can be successful in this business without attending his or her chapter meetings. I’ve always felt that it’s my responsibility as a CCI to give back and help new CREIA members because of the help I received from my fellow chapter inspectors.

People often ask me what I like about being a Home Inspector. It’s because I am always learning, I am helping people make more informed decisions about the major purchase they are about to make and my job is simply to tell the truth. Also one of the best things about being a home inspector is that many of my competitors are my friends and we’re always trying to promote professionalism in our field.

I never expected CREIA to build my business; I always figured that that was my job. What I wanted from CREIA was a source of education, collaboration and for the real estate community to understand the advantages of referring a CCI.  That CCI’s have to pass a very difficult written test in person, they have to maintain continuing education, follow a code of ethics and standards of practice.  Unfortunately, in my area, many Realtors have still not heard of CREIA and if they have, many do not distinguish it from other inspection organizations. We are working to change that. I feel it’s very important that Realtors, buyers and sellers understand what it takes to become a CCI. I can tell you that the Realtors that refer my business as well as my clients know about CREIA because I tell them and proudly wear my CREIA badge! My CREIA logo is on my reports, marketing materials and on my truck. I would like to urge all CREIA members to spread the word and be proud of what you had to accomplish to become a Certified CREIA Inspector!

As Chairman, one of the things I would like to do is build a closer relationship between CREIA and CAR. Being California specific, we should be working together to help California buyers and sellers.

I strongly feel that CREIA has some of the best and brightest home inspectors in California volunteering their time as committee chairs and on the Board of Directors. I am really excited to get to work with this current Board and committee members. Our goal and my promise are to promote CREIA and provide top-notch educational opportunities.


Our Core Purpose

To protect lives, health and investments

Our Mission

    To represent the Real Estate Inspection Industry
    To recognize and promote Real Estate Inspection as a unique; professional discipline
    To provide leadership through education and by maintaining ethical and technical standards
    To enhance consumer protection and promote public awareness of the Association

Our Core Values

Integrity – no cutting corners, no compromise, persevering

Competence – professional knowledge and expertise

Belonging among the Leaders advancing high standards through collaboration

Passion for serving and protecting our clients

Our Primary Goal

The public knows CREIA inspectors deliver the 
Gold standard of real estate inspections.

Let’s go for the Gold. 

Yours in Service,

Ken Collins
Chairman of the Board 2016-2017