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If you are buying, selling, building, remodeling, upgrading or repairing a property; CREIA members provide a variety of impartial inspection services for almost every need and purpose, from a generalist inspection of an entire property to an in-depth inspection of a specific system or component. Click here for Inspection FAQs.

Unsurpassed testing; Unmatched training and education requirements; Industry leading performance; CREIA's Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice– That’s why California Law specifically mentions CREIA as an industry benchmark.

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altCREIA members found listed are Certified CREIA Inspectors who have passed the National Home Inspector Exam (NHIE) and CREIA's supplemental CREIA Standards of Practice /Ethics Test, have successfully completed the requirements for the CCI (Certified CREIA Inspector); or MCI (Master CREIA Inspector) and are in good standing with an active membership. Click here to view a full list of Certification Requirements. Each member is required to satisfy at least 30 continuing education credits annually upon renewal. Click the name for detailed information for the inspector of your choosing.

 Pricing varies based on the Inspector. Please contact the Inspector for more information.

The California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) is a voluntary, nonprofit public-benefit organization of real estate inspectors. Founded in 1976, CREIA provides education, training and support services to its members and the real estate community. CREIA's Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice are recognized by the California Business and Professions Codes and are considered the standard of care by the real estate industry and legal profession in California. ASK FOR THE BADGE!