Welcome to the CREIA Website!

The California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) began in 1976 when a group of home inspectors came together to contemplate what this new and emerging profession should become. CREIA has grown incredibly since those early days, but still carries on the original mission. We have always been a group of home inspectors sharing knowledge and experience to improve the quality of home inspections, the home-buying experience, and to protect the home-buying public.

CREIA is the only organization dedicated to the education and professional development of California home inspectors and the protection of California home buyers. Likewise, CREIA is the only organization with a Standards of Practice and professional contracts written specifically to meet California’s unique legal requirements. CREIA is also the only organization where home inspectors in California can join together in monthly meetings throughout the state to network and improve professional skills. CREIA holds the only statewide conference for home inspectors each year here in California. Home inspection is an incredibly demanding and knowledge-intensive profession and CREIA is dedicated to keeping members up-to-date and on top of the profession.

The home-buying public should be very cautious when choosing someone to inspect the largest financial commitment most people will make -- the purchase of their home. It is not easy to find someone qualified. Your real estate agent or neighbor may think they are doing you a favor by directing you to the least expensive home inspectors, but this is one place where price should never be your first concern. The home inspector needs to be your true advocate willing to dedicate the time to hunt down the inevitable defects; have the substantial knowledge needed to know when a defect is a material concern; and have the ability to report it clearly and in proper perspective. This is a difficult and demanding task -– take the time and choose wisely. The best inspectors are not always going to be the least expensive or do the quickest inspections. Quality takes time, dedication, and experience.

Think about all the electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and structural systems of which you expect your home inspector to be knowledgeable. Why would you risk your home inspection to someone that wasn’t a member of CREIA? What does it say about someone who would call themselves a home inspector and not be unwilling to agree to a legally recognized standard of practice, code of ethics, and willing to fulfill the continuing education requirements?

The California Real Estate Inspection Association has a very cooperative relationship with the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI); however, we realize that California has a unique legal and regulatory environment and therefore have chosen to remain independent. We often share in education and training with ASHI and have joint conferences whenever ASHI holds its annual conferences in California. Many CREIA members are also members of ASHI. CREIA Board Members over the years have also served with ASHI. As well, many of the CREIA chapters throughout the state are joint CREIA/ASHI chapters. Thus, CREIA partners with ASHI while maintaining our focus on California.

CREIA is a true member-benefit, non-profit, California-based, home inspection association. We are not an out-of-state, internet-based marketing cooperative. I am confident that your first and best line of ensuring that your inspector is qualified is to make sure your home inspector is a Certified CREIA Inspector (CCI) or a Master CREIA Inspector (MCI). These are designations that truly mean something. Both CCI and MCI members have passed a nationally recognized home inspector examination, commit to a serious and balanced Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics that clearly outlines what is inspected and how an inspector needs to act to protect home buyers and not just the home inspector. Master CREIA Inspectors meet substantial additional requirements for education and experience.

CREIA’s goal is to advance the skills and knowledge base of home inspectors to make them the best they can be and to protect the home buying public. Choose your home inspector wisely. Choose CREIA.

Steve John
Chairman of the Board