Non-CREIA Approved Education

CREIA Associates, Certified and Master Inspectors must report and document to CREIA at least thirty (30) Continuing Education Credits (CECs) per membership year. At least ten (10) of those CECs must be CREIA-sponsored programs (Conference, Toolbox, online education, chapter events, etc..). Up to 20 CECs may be gained in a renewal year by any of the approved educational affiliate partners. Click here for the full CEC CREIA guidelines. 
You may take any of the education listed to obtain CECs, but the member is responsible for any additional costs outside of membership. CREIA does not recommend specific courses, however, the education listed is in compliance with CREIA's Standards of Practice and § 7195 California Business & Professions Code for Home Inspectors in the State of California. All courses are submitted annually and reviewed by the CREIA Education Committee. 

Individual Approved Courses

Education Affiliate Members:
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American Home Inspectors Training Institute 

 Course Title  Course Title Course Expiration Date 
 Professional Home Inspection Online Course (120 CECs)  Direct and Alternating Current (1 CEC)  4/24/24 
3-Day Professional Home Inspection Blended Course (147 CECs)   Direct Mail Marketing Techniques (2 CECs)  4/24/24 
4-Day Professional Home Inspection Blended Course (154 CECs)   Electricity Distribution (1 CEC)  4/24/24 
5-Day Professional Home Inspection Blended Course (165 CECs)  Geothermal Energy (1 CEC)  4/24/24 
 Alternative, Renewable, Sustainable, and Green Energy (1 CEC) Home Energy Use: Helping Lower Electricity Bills (1.5 CECs)   4/24/24 
Atoms, Conductors, Insulators, and Flow (1 CEC)   Inspecting Pools and Spas (4 CECs) 4/24/24 
Biomass Energy: An Overview (1 CEC)  Inspector Safety (3 CECs)  4/24/24 
 Business Etiquette (1 CEC) Oral Communication Skills (1.5 CECs)   4/24/24
 Business Writing Skills (1 CEC) Report Writing for Risk Reduction (8 CECs)  4/24/24 
 Circuits and Wires (1 CEC) Smart Meters (1 CEC)   4/24/24 
Commercial Building Energy Conservation (1.5 CECs)  Solar Energy for Electricity and Heating (2 CECs)   4/24/24 
Customer Service - Face to Face and on the Phone (1 CEC)  Voltage, Current, and Resistance (1 CEC)   4/24/24 
Stress Management (1.5 CECs)   Time Management (1 CECs)  4/24/24 
Alternative, Renewable, Sustainable,
& Green Energy (1 CEC)
Biomass Energy: An Overview (1 CEC) 4/24/24
Business Writing Skills (1 CEC) Circuits and Wires (1 CEC) 4/24/24
Customer Service - Face to Face and on the Phone
(2 CECs)
Direct and Alternating Current (1 CEC) 4/24/24
Electricity Distribution (1 CEC) Geothermal Energy (1 CEC) 4/24/24
Home Energy Use: Helping Lower Electricity Bills
(1.5 CECs)
Inspecting Pools and Spas (4 CECs) 4/24/24

Electrical Bonding (1 CEC)

 Electrical Basics - Panels, Wiring and Defects (3 CECs) 7/10/2024

AC, Heat Pumps, and Furnaces - What's the Difference? (3 CEC)



American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)

Course Title Course Title Course Expiration Date
100 Most Commonly Missed Electrical Defects (2 CECs) Home Inspection Methodology and Learning from Mistakes (2 CECs) 3/21/2023
ASHI Standard Deck Inspection (2 CECs) How to Identify Major Exterior Water Problems (2 CECs) 3/21/2023
Electrical Panel Inspection (2 CECs) Major Foundation Failures (2 CECs) 3/21/2023


CREIA, McKissock

McKissock Learning

Course Title Approved Through Course Title Approved Through
Modern Roof and Attic Ventilation Systems (3 CECs) 10/18/2024 Introduction to Inspecting Cooling Systems (1 CEC) 10/18/2024
The Components of Electrical Systems (2 CECs) 10/18/2024 Introduction to Inspecting Heating Systems (2 CECs) 10/18/2024
Home Inspection: Getting Started and Creating an Inspection Report (1.5 CEC) 10/18/2024 Structural Home Inspections (2 CECs) 10/18/2024
The Importance of Insulation (1 CEC) 10/18/2024 Home System, Appliance and Peripheral Inspection (3 CECs) 06/05/2024
Metes and Bounds (2 CECs) 10/18/2023 Pests and Environmental Hazards (1 CEC) 10/18/2024
Radon and Home Inspections: An Overview (2 CECs) 10/18/2024 Interior Inspections (1 CEC) 10/18/2024
Pool, Spa, and Sauna Inspections (1 CEC) 10/18/2024 Framing Inspections: Floors, Walls, and Roof (3 CECs) 10/18/2024
Exterior Inspections: Siding, Garages, and Carports (3 CECs) 10/18/2024 Conventional Heating and Cooling Inspections (6 CECs) 10/18/2024
Inspection of Foundations (3 CECs) 10/18/2024 Fireplace Inspections (2 CECs) 10/18/2024
Introduction to Inspecting Built-In Appliances (1 CEC) 10/18/2024 Inspecting Water Heaters (2 CECs) 10/18/2024
Inspection of Plumbing Systems (2 CECs) 10/18/2024 Water Management: Proper Grading and Drainage Slopes from Foundations (1 CEC) 07/19/2024
Inspecting Water Heaters (2 CECs) 11/14/2024 The Complete Roof Inspection (4 CECs) 08/15/2024
Introduction to Inspecting Heating Systems (2 CECs) 08/15/2024 Electricity and Electrical Inspections: From the Inside Out (3 CECs) 08/3/2024
Residential Properties and Radon Inspections (3 CECs)  8/3/2024 Design of Onsite (Septic) Wastewater Treatment Systems (4 CECs) 12/04/2024 

A Guide to Practical and Successful Reporting (4 CECs)

12/04/2024  Mold Overview for Home Inspections (3 CECs) 06/05/2024 


CREIA Education Affiliate Members

In addition to others specifically named in the Event List/Calendar continuing education from the following organizations are approved: