The California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) Urges Home Buyers, Sellers and REALTORS® to ASK FOR THE BADGE!


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Posted April 13, 2018

The State of California does NOT license home inspectors. CREIA takes the lead in requiring adherence to CREIA's Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice, which are recognized in California law.

Orange County, CA, April 13, 2018: The State of California does not license home inspectors. CREIA takes the lead in requiring adherence to CREIA's Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice. CREIA members have been successfully setting the standard – in the field, in the courtroom, and in the legislature – for more than a quarter of century.

As well, CREIA's Standards of Practice have been recognized by the State of California [Section 1 of Stats.1996, c. 338 (S.B.258)], and are considered the source for home inspector standard of care by the real estate and legal communities.

CREIA urges the public and REALTORS® to ASK FOR THE BADGE!

“CREIA receives calls on nearly a daily basis regarding homes that were not reported to standard,” says CREIA’s Executive Director. “Many times the inspector has misleadingly indicated in marketing materials and websites that he/she inspects according to CREIA Standards of Practice. Others may indicate they are members but who are not actually CREIA members. That’s why we are promoting ASK FOR THE BADGE.”

Inspectors should not be indicating that they are CREIA Members, CREIA Certified Members, (CCIs, MCIs), using the CREIA logo or holding themselves out to inspect according to the CREIA Standards of Practice unless they are a CREIA member. Please ASK FOR THE BADGE to ensure home inspectors are CREIA Certified Inspectors or CREIA Master Inspectors.

The name that appears on the badge identifies the inspector as a qualified and certified Inspector Member of the California Real Estate Inspection Association. It is a badge of distinction as it identifies the inspector as having successfully passed CREIA's rigorous certification and master certification requirements.

The badge assures REALTORS® and consumers that the Inspector has been tested and qualified in accordance with CREIA’s Standards of Practice. Additionally, the CREIA Code of Ethics requires a high degree of professionalism and integrity, requiring the member to act fairly and impartially. Any conflict of interest activity must be avoided in order to assure the consumer a completely objective inspection.

The California Real Estate Inspection Association, CREIA’s vision statement is to protect lives, health and investments. CREIA’s public relations efforts are dedicated to this end.

CREIA = Tier One Inspectors
Unsurpassed testing; Unmatched training and education requirements; Industry-leading performance Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics – That’s why California Law specifically mentions CREIA as an industry benchmark.

CREIA is dedicated to consumer protection and education. Go to CREIA.ORG/FIND-AN-INSPECTOR to locate a qualified CREIA inspector near you.

For more information, please contact:
California Real Estate Inspection Association
PO Box 10, Manhattan Beach, CA, 90267
Phone 949-715-1768 | Fax 949-715-6931

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