Continuing Education Credits Guidelines

All members (Associate, CCI and MCI) are required to obtain minimum of thirty (30) CECs upon renewal. A minimum of ten (10) CEC's shall come from any of the following CREIA Sponsored Events in the grid below.

Event Calendar
Approved Education Providers
CREIA Remote Learning

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CEC value
CREIA Annual Conference
1 per hour
CEC Tracking
Approved Chapter Meeting
2-3 per meeting
Attendance Roster
(Office uploads currently)
Approved Chapter Pre-Meeting
1 per hour
Attendance Roster
(Office uploads currently)
Chapter Educational Seminar / Toolbox
1 per hour
Attendance Roster or Certificate
CEC Tracking
Pass - CREIA Ethics/SOP Exam (one time only)
5 CECs
Pass the NHIE Exam (one time only)
4 CECs
Pass - MCI Certification (one time only)
10 CECs
Membership “Ride-Along” Program
1 per inspection
(max 10 per year)
Certificate of Completion
CEC Tracking
Published Media Articles (max. 5/year)
3 per article
ICC Certification (first time; not re-certification)
10 per Category
Certificate of Completion
CEC Tracking
Approved College Course, Training Schools or other Education Provider
1 per hour
Certificate of Completion
CEC Tracking
Chapter Leadership Day
1 per hour
CREIA State Board of Directors
Chairman of the Board
State Board Members
State Committee Chairs
State Committee Members

10 per year
5 per year
5 per year
3 per year
CREIA Chapter Board of Directors
Chapter Board and Committee Members
5 per year


  • Approvals for Continuing Education Credits (CECs) will only be granted for educational opportunities directly related to home inspection or residential / commercial building systems, components and jurisdictional requirements and NOT for non-building inspection education, such as but not limited to: mold sampling, a trade Dinner Meeting time that is not educational, sales presentations, or other non-home inspection education. Approval may be granted at the discretion of the Education Committee Chairperson for certain commercial seminars and other courses related to business operation, website development and report writing.

  • All CEC approval requests submitted by the Member individually from non-CREIA sponsored seminars, lectures, conferences or online sources (via: mail, fax or online upload) are subject to a processing fee per submission. This charge is non-refundable regardless of approval determination by the Education Committee. CEC approval will not be granted without providing to the CREIA Education Committee a copy of the seminar/conference brochure that includes course description or topic, presenter information, duration of event, number of CEC credits requested and a certificate of attendance or completion along with processing fee.

  • Effective January 1, 2011 a member with 5 years service may carry forward 5 CECs and a member with 10 years service may carry forward 10 CECs that are earned over their required 30 CECs into their subsequent yearly 30 CEC requirement. Where an Associate or member receives multiple credits as in attending a recognized school or college course and earns more than 20 Education hours, only a maximum of 20 credits will be eligible for CEC credit towards yearly membership requirements.

  • CEC units will not be credited for taking Vendor courses offered for the purpose of exam preparation for the official CREIA entry or MCI exams. CEC units will not be credited for in-house training provided by the company you may work for that has not obtained prior Approval as a non-sponsoring provider or is not a CREIA Premier Education Affiliate. A Non-Sponsoring Vendor or Educational Provider event is defined as an educational opportunity that a CREIA Member attends to further their knowledge in home inspection or building systems and components industry but the educational provider is unaware or unwilling to seek CEC approval from CREIA for their education offerings.
  • Continuing Education Credits from CREIA Approved sources as well as Non-Sponsoring Vendor or Educational Provider Continuing Educational Credits (CECs) are available only to Members in good standing. All requests for CEC credit will only be considered for the membership year the CECs are earned. Requests for CEC credit for courses attended in prior years, other than the current renewal time frame, or for Educational Events before becoming a Associate member, will not be considered.

  • A member must attend a FULL hour or educational programming to receive one (1) CEC. CECs are only awarded in full hour amounts; fractional time periods are not accepted (thus, a 1 ½ hour program would only count as one (1) CEC and not (2) CECs). Note that all CREIA sponsored Toolboxes and Conference Educational must utilize the Approved attendance form that includes a sign out column for record keeping.

  • If the educational opportunity has been significantly changed or altered from the original CREIA Non-Sponsoring Vendor or Educational Provider Continuing Educational Credits (CEC) Approval Form, Approved CREIA Continuing Educational Credit will become void without written notification or re-submittal for re-approval to CREIA.



"The educational growth of the individual inspector, through participation in CREIA membership activities and programs, where the sharing of experience and knowledge will result in betterment of the home inspection profession and protection of the consumer public which it serves."

Updated 3/21/2011