CREIA’s Energy Efficiency Portal

Welcome to CREIA's Energy Efficiency Portal. The portal is designed to offer guidance, training, and opportunities around energy efficiency for CREIA's Home Inspectors. Our portal will be updated on training offerings & programs and updates on CREIA's Energy Efficiency Initiative.

Energy Efficiency continues to evolve in importance for every homeowner. Rising & complicated utility costs, sustainability, durability, health & safety are important for every homeowner.

CREIA’s Energy Efficiency Committee (EEC) has created a path for home inspectors to include energy efficiency in their home inspection process and offer new services in certified energy assessments.


Training on energy efficiency is regularly available from energy utilities and regional energy networks (RENs). They offer monthly or quarterly schedules. It's recommended to email subscribe to these local providers to receive updates.

Questions or suggestions? We encourage your feedback and input. Contact us at [email protected].

San Diego Gas and Electric (SDGE) is offering a series of free Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater (CHPWH) training courses through April 15, 2022. Click here to register.

  Description When Type
Become certified in Building Science Principles. BPI offers a 15% discount on materials and testing for CREIA members. Email us for details.     Email
Self-pace training to become a certified energy assessor at no cost. $200/$300 incentives are available.     Link
Tri-County Regional Energy Network serving San Luis Obispo, Ventura, and Santa Barbara. Visit for training, energy coaching, energy assessments, free energy kits, and more.     Link
Energy Utilities

Pacific Gas & Electric

PGE – Upcoming Webinar series on Home Performance including Advance Framing, Air Sealing, Ventilation for existing homes.


Webinar Link

PGE – New Construction E-Learning style – Title 24 residential, Building Science Series


E-Learning Link

San Diego Gas & Electric

SDGE – Training on HVAC Airflow/Diagnostics, 2019 Title 24 Residential, Electric Heat Pumps, Air Sealing & Insulating Existing Homes.




SDG&E Energy Innovation Center Workforce Education & Training (June 16 - 21)

Regional Energy Networks (RENs)
Nine San Francisco counties regional energy network. Visit training schedule on energy efficiency.     Link

Tri-county regional energy network Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo. Visit and enroll in energy efficiency training. See education calendar.

Tri County REN – Building Performance Training for building professionals & realtors: Passive House concepts, Quality Insulation Installation, Healthy Housing Principles. T24 & Best Practices for High Performance.


Webinar Link

Utility funded portal technical reference for Calif energy efficiency building code. Training, tools, checklists on Calif energy efficiency code.