CREIA’s Online NHIE Study Group
next session will begin in Fall 2020

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The NHIE Course is hosted by Regional Directors Bill Bryan & Taylor Vreeken


To assist CREIA Associate Members in preparing and successfully passing the NHIE exam by offering an online (via GoToMeeting) NHIE Study Group. The study group will meet once per week for one hour and cover one chapter of the NHIE Study Manual. This program is completely voluntary. The study group is free to all CREIA members and all attendees and facilitators receive one CEC hour per one study group hour.


  • Associates come from differing backgrounds and with a variety of experience.
  • The test contains questions which have a regional bias. People living in the West will be unfamiliar with some building systems or components that are more common back East.
  • Some people are knowledgeable about a subject, but have trouble with test taking. Test anxiety, etc. This will likely be discussed in the first and last week study groups—and it’s encouraged to seek out a mentor or someone who has taken the test recently for advice/guidance.

Program Details and Suggestions:

  • Associate members receive the NHIE Manual and Study Guide upon becoming a member with certain exceptions (Join and Register, joined prior to the development and received other membership materials, etc.), which contains relevant information that will likely be covered in the test. Note the NHIE Manual and Study Guide will be used for this program. (The NHIE Manual and Study Guide can be purchased online in the CREIA store at a cost of $99 for CREIA members.)
  • Facilitators will assist in answering tough questions and peppering the group with information that may be on the exam but not evident in the NHIE materials, and related information when you are on the job.
  • To augment the experience, Associates are encouraged to also find a mentor who they are comfortable talking with-- most if not all of the facilitators have agreed to offer their contact information.
  • Attendees can join the study group from a computer, tablet or smartphone. First GoToMeeting? Let's do a quick system check:


  • Attendance and timeliness are key. Please be sure to log in timely and participate for the full hour. Group members may decide to stay online longer if they so choose. Appropriate CEC. hours will be awarded.
  • Participants are expected to read the chapter(s) in advance and review/discuss the topics covered during the study group.

Study Program Meeting Dates and Schedule (Wednesdays at 6-7pm):

The schedule is based off the contents from the NHIE Study Manual. There is also a Study Guide helps to familiarize the candidate with the examination itself. Click here to go to the CREIA store and purchase the set!

Week 1

NHIE Study Group Kick-off Meeting
Taking the test / Expectations
Discussion of Study Guide and Manual
Discussion about the test and best practices: Study, ask for clarification, review, there's no short cuts.
See practice exams: 

Week 2

Site Conditions

Week 3

Exterior Components

Week 4


Week 5


Week 6


Week 7


Week 8

Insulation and Ventilation

Week 9


Week 10


Week 11

Fireplaces and Chimney

Week 12

Kitchen Appliances

Week 13

Landscape Irrigation

Week 14

Analysis and Reporting

Week 15

Business Operations