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Becoming a CREIA Certified Inspector Member

What does it mean to be "Certified" with CREIA?

CREIA Certified Home Inspectors are Tier One Inspectors: Unsurpassed testing; Unmatched training and education requirements; Industry leading performance Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics – That’s why California Law specifically mentions CREIA as an industry benchmark.

Complete the Associate Membership Application 

Three ways to join:

1) New Home Inspectors "Associate Member Path" (performed less than 250 inspections)
2) "Experienced Inspector Path" (completed 250 or more home inspections)
3) ASHI Membership Reciprocity

New Home Inspectors "Associate Path" (performed less than 250 inspections)

Complete the following steps to become a CCI
Steps 2-6 may be completed in any order, with Report Reviews as your final step.

1. Join CREIA - Complete an Associate Member Application and CREIA Background Check

Your first step is to become an Associate Member of CREIA by completing an application form. Membership in CREIA will provide you with many opportunities to interact with and learn from CREIA Inspector Members, network and create a client base. Associates must pass the Background Check, and abide by the CREIA Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

Membership Fee: First year Associate membership is $495 due to cost of new member materials. Subsequent years are $449. 

Your membership fee includes the National Home Inspection Examination (NHIE) Study Guide as an eBook (a $259 savings!), study materials for the  CREIA's SOP/Ethics Examination, and access to the Associate Committee mentor network to help you complete steps 2-7.

Complete the Associate Membership application

Click here for information on the Background Check Program

 2. Pass the National Home Inspector Examination (NHIE) 

The EBPHI is the Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors and administers with the NHIE (National Home Inspector Examination): https://nationalhomeinspectorexam.org/prepare-for-the-exam/

The examination fee is $225.00 per exam. Click here to register. Please know that the NHIE examination is rigorous. Be prepared! For more FAQs click here

When registering for the exam follow these steps to select the correct exam:
Organization: Government/State Licensing Agencies
Jurisdiction: A National Home Inspector (EBPHI)
Account: National Home Inspector (EBPHI)
Exam: National Home Inspector Examination

There are 5 NHIE practice tests. The practice tests are available through PSI Online,  Click here for information about the practice tests.

Contact the CREIA New Associate Committee for any questions, support or study guide information regarding the NHIE Exam.
Once you pass the NHIE exam, please email your confirmation to [email protected]
 3. Pass the CREIA SOP & Ethics Examination 

The CREIA SOP & Ethics Exam is 25 multiple choice questions that can be taken at a chapter meeting, annual conference or via Zoom with the CREIA office. Email [email protected] to schedule a test date.

The SOP Exam must be monitored by CREA staff, or a Chapter Leader. If the member does not pass on the first attempt, the office will work with the member to reschedule the exam for another time. 

You earn 5 CECs for passing the CREIA SOP/Ethics Examination.

CREIA SOP & Ethics Exam Test Prep
In preparation for taking the test, thoroughly study the following documents:

4. Earn at least sixty (60) CREIA and CREIA-approved Continuing Education Credits (CECs)


A minimum of 20 of the 60 units must be attained by CREIA-sponsored events such as CREIA Chapter Meetings, CREIA Online Learning, CREIA Chapter Toolboxes, and the CREIA Annual Conference. Some CECs will also be earned by completing the requirements of certification.

Additional CECs can be obtained from CREIA Approved Education Providers.

CREIA Members receive a $50 discount for Michael Casey & Associates LIVE training program. Be sure to let Kelly/Michael know you are a member of CREIA. You will need to provide your membership identification number. Note, they have not increased registration fees for their live training program in seven years in an effort to keep start up costs as reasonable as possible for prospective home inspectors.

*CREIA Online Learning is FREE for CREIA Members! Registration fees for the CREIA conference, Chapter Meetings, Toolboxes and approved Education Providers will vary.

Be sure to post your CECs on your Member Profile! Need help posting CEC's? Email [email protected].

5. Complete two (2) Ride-Alongs with a CREIA Certified Trainer or Master CREIA Inspector 

Ride Alongs are to be scheduled with CREIA Certified Trainers or MCIs from your local "Home Chapter." Please login to the membership center for a list of Certified Trainers and MCIs to schedule a Ride Along and to download the Ride-Along Report form. Alternatively, you may contact the CREIA office at [email protected] and we will assist you in making a connection. Send completed Ride-Along forms to [email protected] so we can mark your profile accordingly.

CREIA will award one (1) CEC per ride to both the Mentor and Participating Member –not to exceed 3 CECs per each participant, in a respective membership year.

6. Participate in one CREIA SOP Group inspection

The CREIA Standards of Practice (SOP) Group Inspection are held during the CREIA Annual Conference and at CREIA Chapter "Toolbox" Meetings. Group Inspections can also be found in the Michael Casey & Associates live training education course.

Visit the CREIA events calendar to find details on upcoming Toolboxes and the CREIA Annual Conference. Need help finding a Group Inspection? Email [email protected], and be sure to send verification of the Group Inspection completion to Member Services!

Note: CREIA highly encourages an in-person Group Inspection. However, we have made an online Group Inspection available for Associate Member's that are not able to attend a Group Inspection in-person. Click here for the online Group Inspection.

7. Report Reviews

This should be your final step. The purpose is to assess compliance with the CREIA Standards of Practice (SOP), Code of Ethics, the California Business and Professions Code 7195, and the CREIA L.I.D.E.R. (Locate. Identify. Describe. Explain. Recommend) method of report writing.

It is recommended that you take CREIA’s Online Report Writing education prior to submitting your reports (you will also receive two CECs for this online training). 

The Associate shall submit ten (10) inspection reports to CREIA via [email protected]. Three of which should be raised foundation dwellings if possible. The reports must be of independently conducted inspections of single-family residences. 

NOTE: Inspections performed in conjunction with a CREIA Certified Trainer/MCI do not qualify. 

Q: What will happen when you submit your ten (10) reports?
A: The ten reports will be forwarded to a member of the report review panel. Of the ten (10) reports submitted, two (2) of which will be randomly selected for review for compliance.

Q: What happens if my reports do not meet compliance?
A: Should either review not meet compliance, the reviewer will stop the review and report the areas needing improvement so that the Associate will have the opportunity to re-write and submit the reports. If the resubmitted two (2) reports fail to meet compliance, an additional report review fee of $100 will be charged to the Associate. 

Note: Associates set their own pace to fulfill the requirements for the CCI designation. There is no set timeframe.

Ready to join?
Complete the Associate Membership application 

Become a Certified CREIA Inspector (CCI), via the Experienced Inspector Path:

1. Join CREIA - Complete the Application & Background Check: click here for the application.
2. Submit proof of having passed the NHIE examination to [email protected].
3. Pass CREIA's Residential Standards of Practice and Ethics examination. -- See step three (3) above for information on how to schedule.
4. Submit valid proof of having performed at least 250 fee paid home inspections to [email protected].
5. Submit a list of the last 50 fee paid inspection reports to [email protected] from which CREIA will randomly select 2 reports to be reviewed. The purpose is to assess compliance with the CREIA Standards of Practice (SOP), Code of Ethics, the California Business and Professions Code 7195, and the CREIA L.I.D.E.R. (Locate. Identify. Describe. Explain. Recommend) method of report writing.

At least one report should include a raised foundation dwelling.


ASHI Membership Reciprocity*

An ASHI Certified Inspector shall be granted CREIA Certified Inspector (CCI) status upon satisfying the following requirements:

(1) Provide proof of ASHI Certified Inspector status.
(2) Submit a list of at least 50 fee paid inspection reports from which CREIA will randomly select 2 reports to be reviewed for compliance with CREIA’s Standards of Practice.
(3) Complete the CREIA Membership Application.

*Other requirements may be mandated by ASHI. Please contact ASHI regarding reciprocity as a CREIA CCI/MCI.

Renewal Requirements: Payment of Membership Dues, 30 Continuing Education Credits (Hours/CECs) from CREIA or CREIA approved CEC providers, and attendance at 2 CREIA Chapter Meetings per year.

If you have further questions, please contact the CREIA office at [email protected].